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Senior Yard Maintenance and Tree Trimming

One Tree at a Time

At Men of Intelligence Association, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing this issue. This program helps those 60 and over with maintaining their property. In addition to making neighborhoods safer and more appealing, we prevent serious injury and save lives.

The Senior Yard Maintenance and Tree Trimming Program is a true example of public/private partnership that provides clear and tangible results.  

Lawn Mower Selection Support

  In many cases, neighborhoods and cities are unable to address the many challenges plaguing their residents.  The metro-Atlanta region is commonly known as the ‘City in a Forest” due to its dense abundance of trees that is uncommon among major cities.  Although beautiful, these trees can spell disaster, or even death for our at-risk and susceptible senior residents.  On many occasions, these trees and the properties that encompass them, are kept in unmaintained conditions because owner-occupants are unable to complete maintenance themselves or do not have the means to hire others.  That’s where we step in and fill the gap.

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